Portland Private Wealth Management, Inc.
DBA Eugene Private Wealth Management



We advise people on how to simplify, organize and personalize their financial lives, their investments and their legacy.  Our commitment is to provide a high level of service, independent research and analytics accompanied with thoughtful, critical advice.

We Are Your Advocates

We are a dedicated group of professionals who have spent over three decades immersed in the financial services business during periods of upheaval in the world and the financial markets.  Over the years we have learned that working in a truly open architecture setting, distancing ourselves from Wall Street corporate dictates, frees us to supply independent family-oriented wealth management for our clients.  We deliver unbiased, sound, innovative solutions for managing wealth.

Our team works with a number of professionals:  CPAs, estate planning attorneys and pension plan design specialists.  Additionally, our diverse client base allows for cross pollination of some of our best ideas. 


We are a dedicated group of professional advisors with one common goal: being passionate about what we do, how we do it, and who we work with.