Portland Private Wealth Management advises people on how to simplify, strategize and personalize their financial lives, investments and legacy.



  • We develop investment policy statements for individuals.
  • We help individuals build their savings and investment accounts.
  • We establish and advise on deferred investment vehicles such as IRA's, HSA's, College Saving Plans, and Annuities.
  • We design asset protection strategies, including life, disability and other personal insurance.


  • We build investment policy statements for families.
  • We manage private brokerage and advisory accounts for families.
  • We help to create and manage family trust accounts to segregate and protect family assets.
  • We also help families create and manage estate plans by working as a strategic partner with their tax and legal advisors.

Business Owners

  • We help business owners develop the right benefit solutions for not just themselves, but also for their employees.
  • We work with experienced professionals in the analysis of current benefit plans, tax deferred retirement options and pre-tax expenses.
  • We integrate asset protection strategies, providing life, disability, business and personal.

Corporate Executives

  • We provide corporate executives with sophisticated tax analysis: exercising options, corporate stock sales and benefit program management.
  • We assist executives with 401K management, retirement accounts and taxable money.
  • We also analyze their asset protection strategies in terms of life, disability, and personal insurance.

Speciality Physician Groups

  • We offer Greenbook Comprehensive Financial Planning.
  • We assist with Tax status optimization and pension plan design.
  • We provide Risk Management Strategies (Disability, Life, Section 79, & Other Insurance).
  • We integrate Asset Protection Strategies (creditor exempt asset classes).

Retirement Plans & Non Profits

  • We assist private institutions and non-profits to develop an investment policy statement, manage investments, and create portfolios tailored for their situation.
  • We offer hands-on investment service typically not provided by bigger institutions.
  • We develop Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit Plans tailored to each institution's objectives and goals.